What's New

cBrowser 1.9(2.0BETA)

This is a beta of the major version update 2.0 but with beta chromium libraries.

Major Ui Update
  • We've changed the ui and optimized it for performance.
Controller(Joystick) support
  • Now you can browse the internet with your gaming controller too!.
  • It's supported on the whole system!
Download Manager
  • The SGET download manager plug-in has been replaced.
  • Super easy to use.
  • You can add your files in the manager.
  • Won't show any error if the file will be deleted.
  • Displays icon of the file & file name, extention, size, download date.
Major performance update
  • The browser is now fater while loading bookmarks, history etc...
  • We changed some controls in the browser that will ensure a better performance.
  • We updated the chromium version to the latest(BETA) until the realeases will come out
Notes Feature
  • You are now able to take notes while browsing the internet.
  • The note will be saved as txt in the db folder making it easy to import/export.
  • Easy to use.
Reaload Every.. Feature
  • You can now auto reload websites according to the sected time!.
Update Feature
  • A feature to check if the are new cBrowser versions
Zoom-In/Zoom-Out Feature
  • You now can zoom-in/zoom-out websites from the settings panel.
  • We've improved/fixed bugs from the favicon algorithm.

cBrowser 1.0

First stable version.

  • Basic web browser features.

cBrowser 1.0(BETA)

First Beta cBrowser version.

  • Basic web browser features.

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